Zhejiang Huaye Stainless Steel Co., Ltd

The company was established in 1994, is a processing trade in one of the large stainless steel circulation enterprises. Located in known as "paradise" of Hangzhou Zheliang. geogrephical advantages, traffic is very convenient.
The company has more than 10 square meters of production and processing and logistics base.the introduction of e comprehensive international advanced modern automatic processing complete sets of equipment, and in the same industry in the first through the BG/T19001-2008 IS09001:2008 joint certification. Adhermg to the "pragmatic development, quality service" purposes, the company always adhere to the "scientific management brand marketing.efficient and sustamable.deveopment and win-win "business principles, and constantly enhance the management level.unite a ZhiZhongcheng staff established a "foothold in East China.the national radiation theworld" the integrity of the marketlng network not only with the a number of large domestic steel production enterprises to estabhsh a solid strategic partnership relations.but also with the international famous stainless steel manufacturers to maintain long—term good relations of convenient.

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